About HYP!

“No. I want to go in a wagon.” Those were the exact words from our then 4 year old son, Baxley, as the nurses were preparing to wheel him down to his sedated MRI scans soon after he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2019. The wheelchair wasn’t going to work for him.

We found a wagon and that was his mode of transportation for almost 2 years of chemotherapy, radiation, scans and follow up hospital visits. It was a lifesaver!

Hug Your People was something that we said as a family to other people and to ourselves. It was an innocent request for us to let each other know that we need a hug. As we said it to other people as a reminder, it started to catch on. Before you knew it, Bax had inspired a movement of kind hearted people to care a little more about the people around them. It would become the very organization that we are working on today.

Our Mission

We help give kids with cancer and their families a safe space when they are thrown into an unfamiliar world. We do this by giving kids a wagon, we assist families getting to and from treatment and we fund pediatric cancer research.

We are a cancer family that learned first hand what help is needed when you’re in the trenches. We received support and love from friends, family and complete strangers so we’re on a mission to pay forward everything and more that we collected.

Board Members:

Co-Founder and Executive Director Suzanne Hoover
Co-Founder Kevin Hoover
Board Member Suzanne Evans
Board Member Katherine Chatham
Board Member Jason Potter