How is Baxley now?
He’s doing great now! Of course no child gets through cancer treatment without some sort of lingering side effects. We’re working on walking flat because he had some pretty bad nerve damage from chemo so he walks on his tip toes.

How do I sponsor a wagon?
It’s really easy! You can click on the donate button at the top of your screen!

How much does it cost to sponsor a wagon?
It varies but the average cost of a wagon is around $250. We give something special to each sibling so a larger family’s wagon will cost more than a smaller family.

Will I know which family gets the wagon I sponsor? We post most of our wagon crew on Facebook and Instagram so be sure to follow us there so you can see who really gets to benefit from your generosity! Not on social media? Send me an email and I’ll be happy to send you some happy kids in wagons!

How long does it take to get a wagon?
It can take anywhere between 1-4 weeks depending on supply availability.

Who is eligible for a wagon?
We hope that the wagons go to children with cancer anywhere from newborn to 21 years old. The older kids don’t ride in it but it’s still super helpful to lug everything from the parking garage to the hospital room!

Have more questions that we didn’t answer? Send us an email!