Baxley’s Wagons

When children are diagnosed with cancer, they are often in the hospital for extremely long hours in a cold and sterile room. We give kids their own safe space to hang out and bring their own things.

Each wagon comes with items that were carefully thought out by us as we were spending long hours, days and sometimes weeks in a hospital room.

Pillow because not all hospitals have an abundance of pillows. We liked having a designated “hospital pillow”

Waterproof pillow protector because chemo sweat and nausea are REAL!

Personalized pillowcase & blanket no branded items here!

Toys this makes a boring wagon a little bit more fun. We include toys for the fighter and any siblings because we have learned the whole family fights together.

Lap Tray Have you ever found a hospital tray that works and is the perfect height?  Neither have we!  This is perfect for crafts, school work or lunch. (optional)

Portable Charging Brick Because everyone needs more battery life for long stays and you may not be near an outlet. (optional)